• pre-order "The Last Saturday in America"

    pre-order "The Last Saturday in America"

    I was honored to create the cover form my friend Ray McManus' new book of poetry.

    The Last Saturday in America begins in a nation on the precipice of great change. A man in front of his television sits trapped between the way he was raised and the future he wants to see for who he is raising. He can no longer rely on what he thought he knew nor does he know what to do about it. Through examinations of suburban neighbors, bullies, gun violence, and vasectomies, Ray McManus draws in these pages a portrait of American masculinity in the face of political division, pandemic, and cultural warfare. The man McManus renders is a father, a son, a Southerner. And he is willing to burn it all down and start something new, only to see that the new start he is looking for has been with him the whole time.

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    Available *March 12, 2024 *